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Restaurant and Bar

"Oliver's Lodge Hotel" Food Hygiene Rating

Autentic Indian Delicacy


Aloo Chaat (V) £4.50

A salad made with potatoes, chopped onion, tomatoes, Indian spices and coriander leaves

Hara Bhara Kebab (V) £4.50

Vegetable Cutlets made with a mix of Spinach, Potatoes and green peas ,blended with Indian spices, crumbled and deep fried

Fish Peera £4.90

A delicacy of south India. Tuna flakes blended with cracked mustard seeds, onions, curry leaves and south Indian spices, finished with desiccated coconut

Chicken Kofta Fry £4.90

Chicken minced balls infused with spices and coriander leaves, deep

fried and served with mint raita

Afghani Chicken Tikka £4.90

Chicken chunks marinated with Afghani spices, grilled and served with mint sauce

Main Courses

(served with Rice and Nan Bread)

Salmon Moilee £13.95

Keralan curry with fresh salmon simmered in coconut milk, onions, curry leaves, mustard seeds and split green chillies, finished with fresh sliced tomatoes

Chennai Lamb Curry £15.35

Lean diced shoulder of lamb cooked in onion, tomatos and red peppers, flavoured with crushed black pepper and finished with creamy coconut milk

Garlic Chilli Chicken £13.95

Strips of chicken cooked with onions, peppers, ginger, garlic, green chillies and soya sauce, with vinegar to taste

Prawn Makhanwala £13.25

Cocktail prawns cooked in a tomato based gravy with mild Indian spices, finished with cream and butter

Chicken Tikka Masala £13.95

Tender chunks of chicken cooked in a spiced tomato based gravy,

finished with cream and butter

Aloo Gobi Adrakwali (V) £11.25

Chunks of cauliflower and potatoes cooked in an onion based gravy and flavoured

with ginger and Indian spices, finished with fresh tomatoes

European cuisine


Soup Of The Day (V) £4.35

Home-made soup served with a bread roll and butter

Warm Potato Salad (V)  £4.35

Fried potatoes tossed with chorizo, ham and roasted red bell pepper

Mussels Mariner  £4.95

Mussels cooked in white onions, garlic, parsley and white wine

Japanese Torpedo Prawns £4.95

Tempura battered premium king prawns served with crispy lettuce and soya sauce

Mexican Bean Bites (V) £4.35

Refried beans, kidney beans, peppers and Mexican flavours wrapped in herb infused crumb, served with mixed leaves and tomato salsa

Crispy Chicken Fajito Cutlets £4.95

Cooked chicken, peppers and mozorella cheese with fajita spices, coated in rice flake crumb and served with mixed leaves and tomato salsa

Duck Spring Rolls £4.95

Rolls of tender duck breats served with crispy lettuce and sweet chilli sauce

Main Courses

Peppered Sirloin Steak  £16.50

Served with roast potatoes, grilled tomato and herb sautéed mushrooms

Baked Chicken Delice £14.50

Breast of chicken marinated in herbs and garlic served with roast potatoes and creamy tomato and belle pepper sauce

Best End Of Lamb £16.50

Tender lamb served with a potato cheese bake and a roast pepper and shallot gravy

Grilled Salmon £14.50

Supreme of salmon served with a creamy vegetable and potato casserole

Braised Sea Bass £15.50

Seabass served with cheese potato gratins and mustard cream sauce, tinged with dry vermouth

Quadroni Ricotta Spinach £12.25

Pasta stuffed with ricotta, spinach, parmigiano reggiano cheese and grana padano cheese, in herbed creamy sauce, topped with parmesan

Bar Menu

Soup of the Day £4.50


Cod Cubes £7.50

(diced chunks of cod coated in crispy bread crumb flavoured with lemon and tartare sauce )


Mexican bean bites £6.50

( served with chips ,salad and tomato salsa )


Chicken fajito cutlets served with chips,salad and tomato salsa) £7.50


Salmon and dill fish cakes £7.50

(served with garlic mayo & mustard dressed leaves )


Gammon steak £8.75

(served with chips and fried egg )


Traditional Cumberland ring sausages  £6.00

(served with onion gravy and potato cheese bake )


Grilled 8oz Rump Steak £11.95

(cooked to order served with Chunky Chips & salad )


( Brown or White bread )

Tomato and cheese s/w with Chips £5.95


Ham and cheese s/w with Salad and Chips £6.95


BLT – s/w Filled with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes with Salad and Chips £7.50


Tuna, Mayonnaise s/w with Salad and Chips £6.95

Side Orders

Chilli Cheese Toast £2.50


Herbed Garlic Cheese Toast £2.65


Chips/Curly Fries £2.25


Mixed Side Salad £2.25


Olivers Lodge Hotel, 50 Needingworth Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 5JPUnited Kingdom         0044 1480 463 252
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